Constantly increasing is the part of auto­mation and digitalization in the machine. Manufacturing cells, automated set-up, monitoring functions or now a digital twin for I4.0 are features within HAUX projects.

Robot solutions

Robot located in machine, outside machine or between machines to handle parts, operations or set-up.Robot with one or two grippers, Automation includes cassette system as well as storage of wheel packs, collets or gripper systems

Robot in machine

Loading parts and optional wheel set or collets out of / into cassettes. Robot located on station#2 or besides workpiece carrier

Robot outside of machine

Robot outside machine in seperate unit. For small or parts up to 50 kg out of cassettes or special carriers

Robot on floor in cell for very large workpieces

Machine cell

Robot linking machines for handling of parts between machines and storage solution

Robot between machines

Robot for un-/loading two stations including automated setup for wheel set and collets

Robot grinding

Patented approach for grinding parts with robot in a special fixture with measurement systems

Robot handling

Automtion concepts for complex handling operations with one or more robots and fast change system

Handling solutions

2- to 4-axis-handlings with 1 or 2 grippers from top or below workpiece axis for un-/loading of parts. Examples as following from 3-axis solutions to 4-axis solutions with indexing station and high storage capacity

4-axis linking machines

Handling with 4th axis with gripper for loading in machine, linking machine and placing into casettes

3-axis from top

Handling with gripper un-/loading from top loading machine and placing parts into cassettes

3-axis from bottom

Handling with gripper un-/loading from bottom loading machine and placing parts into cassettes

3-axis high capacity

Handling with gripper un-/loading from top loading machine and placing parts into high number of cassettes

Magazine solutions

Conventional shaft magazines with additional counter or orientation functionalities for high volume parts.

Shaft magazine

Magazine to handle cylindrical parts mostly for high volume. With separting slide and additonal un-/loading units

Roll magazine

Shaft magazine alike but for very small drills. With seperting slide and additonal un-/loading units


Automated storage solution for carrying higher number of cassettes on small space

Chain magazine

Robust chain magazine to handle large parts with additional strong un-/loading gripper

Belt small

Belt solution for smaller parts or addtional to shaft solution to get measurment parts outside machine

Belt big

Strong belt soluion to handle heavy parts additionally with strong gripper and in case indexing system

Machine in IT-Network

Exchange of workpiece data, process data, tooling data, order data and data from quality control. Online machine monitoring by a new app.

EDGE Gateway

Real time and logical handling of high volume data on operational level of the machine. Linking the machine to Inter-/net with additional security.

Integrated machine

Interface of machine to connect to enterprise data sources and sending machine data back. This refers to data as from part, order, tooling or measurements.


Dashboards showing machine status as per order order but also for condition of machine by definded warning levels and error messages in general

Intelligent machine

Starting with predictive maintenance and innitiating machine intelligence based on a callibrited machine.

Predictive maintenance

Tracking history of components, storing status when braking down and re-/defining warning levels for components

Process optimization

Indentification of patterns and success factors of relevant paramters to control and optimize machine performance on defined components

Machine learning

Still in research status but target to identivy and transfer solutions inside a machine network to improve machine performance throughout the network