The HAUX software is based on our own solutions and is always optimised for special or universal applications. All are based on parameters that are processed in modern HMI interfaces. Parametric software for special applications and model-based for universal applications. Advanced functions for high performance on MULTI-Station machines.


Parameter-based HMI for managing all parameters when grinding with the machine.

Parametric based

Sortware for very fast processing for a defined application and operations, parameters implemented directly in the machine level for immediate processing.


Universal software for all machining operations on the tool and for a wide variety of tools. Contains all modern software functions and special functions for MULTI-Station.


Coverage of most current applications by HAUX Software and for further functions in co-operation with MTS Switzerland.


HAUX is based on SIEMENS hardware and drives for 808, 828, 840Dsl or ONE and the corresponding development environment

KSoft - NU Upgrade

KSoft replaces your previous E-Soft installation and offers numerous new functions that speed up and simplify your workflow, improve your results and create new opportunities.

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Profile calculation

Program especially for generating disc profiles from disc or tool data. Contains interfaces for dxf forms or user-defined forms.

2D/3D simulation

A 2D simulation is very often sufficient. A 3D simulation for the mould and machine is included as an option in all software packages.