HAUX sofware based on own solutions and always optimized according to special or universal applications. All based on parameters and those handled in modern HMI internfaces. Parametric based software for special application and model based for universal. Extending features for high performance on MULTI station machines.


Parametric based HMI to handle all parameters when grinding with the machine.

Parametric based

Sortware highly fast processing for a definded application and operations, Parameters directly implemented in machine level for immediate processing.

Model based

Software universal for operating all operations on the tool and for a high variaty of tools. Includes all modern features of software and special features for MULTI station.


Covering most current applications by HAUX software and for more features in coopertion with MTS Switzerland.


HAUX is based on SIEMENS hardware and drives for 808, 828, 840Dsl or ONE and corresponding development ennvironment

KSoft - NU Upgrade

KSoft replaces your E-Soft installation and offers many more features which will improve your workflow, ease of use and results as well as add new possibilities.

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Profile calculation

Program especially for generating wheel profiles out of wheel or tooling data. Includes interfaces to as dxf-form or user defined forms.

2D/3D simulation

Very often sufficiant is 2D simulation. As an option included in all software packages is 3D simulation for tools and machine.