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Maintenance contract

With a maintenance contract HAUX supports permanent operation and a long lifetime of the machine. Regular inspections provide information on maintenance, which can be carried out by HAUX staff or fitters on site if required. This requires a maintenance contract.



With regular maintenance, Haux machines work extremely reliably. Online diagnosis often provides an immediate solution to the problem. If that doesn’t work, the HAUX team makes the repair quickly and reliably on-site.



HAUX machines can also be analysed via the internet. If your machine is available online, the HAUX employees can analyze your machine independent of their location. With your cooperation, remote maintenance is also possible (under the instruction of our experts).

Spare parts – in the hightest quality

As a strong partner for its customers, HAUX supplies quickly and reliably. Many spare parts and accessories can be supplied directly from the warehouse. They can also be produced by our in-house part production department if needed.

Training / Workshops

Unit-specific training courses can provide knowledge of the machine, automation, control and software, abrasives and dressing technology.

HAUX can offer training to customers and close grinding experts. Lessons cover technology of grinding (high speed grinding) as well as components of HAUX grinding machines. Lessons are HSG-technology, all around HAUX machines covering base concepts, modules as spindle stocks, components as guide systems, drives, spindles or dresser concepts as well coolant systems. Finally we can show software modules and concept for I4.0.