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Maintenance contract


With a maintenance contract, HAUX supports continuous operation and a long service life of the machine. Regular testing provides information on maintenance, which HAUX's own employees or fitters can carry out on site if required. This requires a maintenance order.


With regular maintenance, Haux machines are extremely reliable. Online diagnostics can often provide an immediate solution to the problem. If this does not work, the HAUX team repairs quickly and reliably on site.

Online support

HAUX machines can also be analysed via the Internet. If your machine is available online, HAUX employees can analyse the machine regardless of their location. With their co-operation, remote maintenance is possible under the guidance of our experts.

Spare parts - top quality

As a strong partner to its customers, HAUX delivers quickly and reliably. Many spare parts and accessories are available from stock. If necessary, they are manufactured in our in-house parts production facility.

Training and counselling

In training courses, we teach everything you need to know about control systems and software, abrasives, dressing technology and handling (automation). HAUX offers training for customers and grinding experts. The training courses cover both the technology of grinding (high-speed grinding) and information on the components of HAUX grinding machines. Topics of the training courses are  HSG technologyand everything around HAUX machinesfrom basic concepts to modules such as headstocks, components such as guide systems, drives, spindles or dressing systems through to cooling systems. Finally, we can present software modules and the concept for I4.0.