Tool Grinding Applications

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Tool Grinding Applications

Machines for tool grinding with one operation as SINGLE summarized in S-Line, machines for all opterations as UNIVERSAL summarized in U-Line as well as machines with more than one operation as MULTI summarized as M-Line.


Machines for one operation with corresponding automation concepts. Reliable machines with HAUX-typical long service life. Machine lines are SP-Line for centre grinding (conical, split, pilot) and SM line for square or bevel grinding. Soon also the ST line for the thread grinding of tools and the SO line for the external cylindrical grinding of tools.


Machine for grinding a centre point, e.g. conical point, gash-out shape A or other shapes. The machine can be customised with other HAUX modules for other applications.

SM line

Machine for so-called free grinding or a combination of centre grinding and free grinding as with centre drills. The machine can be customised with other HAUX modules for other applications.

SN line

Machine for fast flute grinding for spiral fluted workpieces. With Swing-Step roller dresser from KW Abrichttechnik. The machine can be customised with other HAUX modules for other applications.


Universal grinding machines in various performance and accuracy classes. Automation concepts from robot loading to integration into the IT infrastructure. UE-Linie 15 kW with modular design at the best price. UP-Line for highest accuracy requirements with 25 kW. UM line with 35 kW and UN line with 55 kW/90 kW for high performance with universal design and very powerful spindle drive.


5-axis grinding machine with HAUX - at the best possible price. Additional modules offer the option of optimising the machine for specific applications.


High-performance universal grinding machine with maximum precision. Fully automated machine for autonomous weekend production and integration of the machine into the IT landscape.


Machine concepts with 2 or 3 workstations based on a control unit on a basic body. High degree of automation and top-class efficiency, even with small batch sizes. MS-Line max. 3kW spindle power with 3 work stations (rough grinding, external and 3/5/6-axis finish), MM-Line max. 35 kW Rough grinding first station and modular second station. MN-Line classic machines max. 90kW, which originate from NU machines.


Grinding of small workpieces with up to 4 stations on one machine body for flute, external cylindrical, surface or conical shell centre grinding, always with cycle time-parallel loading and unloading.


Machine for medium diameter range and new modular product line from HAUX with station 1 for rough machining and station 2 for fine grinding with modules such as universal, centre or thread grinding. All with automation solutions.


Multi-station machine for large tools, known for decades as NU and GS machines for deep grinding, external cylindrical grinding, 4-axis profile, square or chamfer grinding.