HAUX is a pioneer in the field of high-speed grinding. The HSG-technology was developed by Dr. Konrad Gühring until 1969. The advantages of HSG-Grinding are highest infeed rates with grinding quality and low cycle time.

The first machines based on the HSG-Technology-concepts started in the early 1970s and. HSG was established at that time as a trademark coming from High Performance Systemtechnolgy Guehring with components which are the machine itsself, but also the grinding wheels, coolant technology as well as control and software.



Modular Machines

A modular concept combined with high-quality parts enables the set-up of individual machines for special require­ments. Workpiece carriers, tool carriers, automation – all modules can be realized in a relatively short period of time. With polymer concrete filled machine bodies, hydrostatic spindles or special cooling systems, HAUX offers a multitude of modular combination possibilities.

Consulting and Engineering

HAUX not only stands for the production of special grinding machines, but also provides support in the selection and definition of the processing machines, the associated automation, the equipment of the machines as well as the integration of the machines or the production cells into the IT infrastructure of the company.

The selection of the machine is based on operations, the technical design of the machines on the basis of the modules as well as the commercial evaluation above all on the basis of cycle time and number of pieces and . Depending on the application, automation includes e.g. magazines or robot solutions. Software, the use of machine data and the integration of the machine into the company are becoming increasingly important.