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HAUX KSoft Video - NU E-Soft Upgrade

K-Soft by Haux is the next step up for the NU and SZ Machines you have already running. More customizations, more options and live previews will improve your workflow and save you valuable time. 

K-Soft replaces your old E-Soft installation and offers many more features improving, detailing and speeding up your calculations.

EMO Hannover 2023

Meet us on EMO Hannover  from 18th to 23rd of September 2023. We will visit the show and are looking forward to meeting you.

MM-Line Video

HAUX MMU two station universal grinding machine. World class benchmark for best cost per piece with lot size approx. 20 to 1000 pcs. Cutting down cycle time as an example from over 300 sec. with standard 5 axis machine to 34 sec. with our MMU. Ask us how we do this. MMU powered station#1 35 kW for rough grinding and station#1 15 kW for fine finish. Different configurations for station#2. Get in touch with us.

IMTEX 2023

Meet us on IMTEX from 21st to 23rd of January 2023, Bangalore. We will visit the show and are looking forward to meet you.

Happy new year

HAUX Maschinenbau wishes you a happy year 2023.

Merry Christmas

HAUX Maschinenbau wishes you a merry Christmas.

Retrofit examples

In this video,which is also on our LinkeIn account we show the process of Retrofit on the example of some machines. First you see a picture of an old machine and then of the machine after Retrofit.

UE-Line video

A video of the UE-Line, one of our machine lines.