A career at HAUX

Innovation and development are based on new and fresh ideas. Only in this manner can a accompany further develop its products. At HAUX, special expertise and established experience in handling machines are in equally high demand. One special feature: HAUX employees have the option of becoming shareholders in the company.


Student research projects

Projekt-/Bachelor-/Masterarbeiten: Über HAUX-Projekte mit Schleifmaschinen und Automatisierungen, werden laufend Möglichkeiten zu  Projekt-, Bachelor- oder Master-Arbeiten geboten. Kontakt unter info@hauxgmbh.de oder 0 75 73 / 95 45 50.
Ansprechpartner: Herr Dr. Tilman Gühring.

Apprenticeship at HAUX

You can learn a thing or two at HAUX. Know-how exists here that really counts in the industry. Excellent trainers, a friendly team and a good working atmosphere offer a lot of room to bring in your own ideas and to build on them.


Job offers

For an open position we are looking for: (Status February 2023)

 For a speculative application we are looking for on a permanent basis: