Special devices

Measurement devices for tools located on shop floor in oily environment up to automated measuring in quality department. Starting with robust AMP 100 next to grinding machine, AMX 100 with automated measurements, AMZ 100 with “red light” for carbide tools and process automated AMZ 200 with servo driven axis adjusting the tool. See also bending machine for taps as a special accessory. 

AMP 100

Former PG100 in market for over decades. With digital display and manual documentation. Prism and 90° working radius. With lense system and very robust. 

AMX 100

Camera based solution with predefined measuring operations and Excel based templates auto-matically filled. Normal white light. Prism for tool and 90° working radius. 

AMZ 100

Camera based solution with makro automated measuring operations plus all features AMX100. Special red light for carbide. Collet holder and 360° working radius.

Bending device

Straightening of long taps with bending device Manual loading of taps and parameter based software.


Special accessories to extend the functionality of our grinding machines. These focus primarily on universal grinding machines as flexible clamping system GDS, measuring probes RENISAHW, center system, AROBOTECH holder and many more. Standard accessoriesas collets, bushings, guide plates are part of machine offer.

Flexible clamping GDS

Flexible clamping system for cylindrical tools from diameter 3 to 20 mm mainly for automation needs. Runout adjustable for highest quality.

Center system

Solutions to hold workpiece between centers in range from small to very big workpieces. Exchangeable center and optional servo axis and control of pressure.

Coolant chamber

Solutions to grind workpiece with high infeed in a bushing and coolant camber with range from small to very big workpieces. Modular concept to prepare coolant chamber outside machine for fast setup.

AROBTECH clamping system

Highly accurate centering support with 3 position fixing by carbide plates covering a defined range of diameters.

Gripper system

Mounted on robot or portal solutions primarly for handling parts but also for wheel set or other toolings.

Cassette system

Various cassette solutions from base REISHAUER to customized cassette systems optional with modular setup.

Axis in support

Special solutions for high infeed grinding integrating servo axis horizontal or vertical into support solutions as to grind with bushing or with prism.

Fast change twin or tripple head

HAUX classic solution for fast change system coming from MULTI station machines to grind on stations and un-/loading of parts at the same time.

Fast change clamping units

Fast change system for universal grinding to un-/load during grinding operation. Applied on MULTI station as well as on standard 5-axis machines.


Probe on spindle stock with extra axis to move into position for measuring the tool.


Balancing system integrated in spindle or mounted on flange for highest accuracy on tools.

In process measurement

In process measurement gauges applied for OD grinding process. Mounted on workpiece axis with extra axis to allocate on part.

Laser view

Laser system to measure workpiece dimensions before loading into collet.


Various standard and special collets to hold workpiece in workpiece carrier.

Guide plates

Needed in magazines to allocate tool before loading into workpiece carrier

Conditioning of wheel

Roughening wheel on extra station to improve cutting of wheel when mounted on machine.

Clearance nozzles

In process cleaning of wheel with extra nozzels to clean the grinding wheel in process.